Foster healthier, more helpful patterns in relationships

At Think Mental Health, in addition to individual counselling for adults, children or adolescents, we provide relationship and family counselling.  Where individual counselling aims to assist clients to identify resources that will assist them to meet challenges they experience as individuals, relationship counselling and family therapy looks at the client system formed by the relevant stakeholders (e.g. husband-wife, father-son, or whole family). 

We have psychologists who have a special interest and training in working from a systems perspective and they can help you to identify relationship patterns that have become dysfunctional.  The psychologist assists the client system to become aware of these patterns (which are initially unconscious and invisible), how to disrupt them and how to foster healthier, more helpful patterns in relationships. This approach takes a non-blaming stance, seeing the patterns, rather than the individuals, as the problem.   

Strong, healthy relationships are a significant part of living a healthy, content and meaningful life.  Over time, unmet needs, misunderstandings and disappointments can lead to emotional distance and conflict between individuals who care about each other.  Honest and open communication is essential for to work through ruptures in relationships.  This is where our relationship counselling can assist in promoting reconnection and nurturance within a system. 

Common areas

Lack of, or ineffective communication

Adjustment and transitions

Relationship breakdown

Conflict – verbal, physical or emotional

Differing opinions or beliefs

Infidelity in romantic relationships

Lack or loss of trust

Lack or loss of intimacy in romantic relationships

At Think Mental Health, we will work with the system to understand the difficulties, establish goals and work with you all to better manage the patterns or engagement within your family/relationship system.   

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